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What is a mkv file and how do I open a mkv file? An MKV, or Matroska file, is created in an open source container format and is an alternative to AVI and MP4 video and audio formats. MKV files contain compressed video and audio streams produced with an encoder. How to play .mkv files in Windows - Using VLC to play .mkv files. Start out by downloading and installing VLC. Once it’s installed, launch it and select Media-> Open File…. Navigate to your .mkv file, select it, and click Play. How To Set VLC as Default Video Player for MKV Files in ... Setting default app in Windows 10 has dramatically changed. Before in both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, you can quickly set the default app for the certain type of files right from the right-click context menu but not anymore in Windows 10. Windows 10 Movies & TV App Can't Play MKV Files- Fixed Once the conversion finished, click "Open" in main interface to quick locate the converted video. Then, you can play MKV files on Windows 10 Movies & TV app without hassle. Learn More: How to add personal videos to Movies & TV. If you already have media saved on your PC, you can import it into the Movies & TV app. 1. Launch the Movies & TV app from the Start menu, desktop or task bar.

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MKV files also known as Matroska Video files is an open source file format originated in Russia and hence acquired the name from Russian word called matryoshka